Joy Luck Club

4 Jan

Okay…no IM NOT RACIST…let me start by saying that…I know many an Asian, and I actually like 3 of them! haha

That being said, the only thing worse than a group of ladies sitting near you on ur morning commute who wont shut the fuck up, is a group of middle-aged ASIAN WOMEN who wont shut the fuck up!!!!

6 of them, all eating strange food that I’m going to go out on a limb here and say is not breakfast appropriate, and def not train friendly, all fighting to be the loudest in the group. FUCK MY LIFE!!!

The language is so hard on the ears. It’s not pretty, there is no rhythm to it…its drawn out and sing songy and drives me up a wall. You can  be saying I love you, your beautiful and when spoken in Chinese it sounds like Go fuck yourself, get off my train!!!

How do you have so much energy at 8am? I’m guessing you all live on the same block and participate in a weekly mahjong game…how bout you bitches talk it up then??

No one wants to hear that, its painful to the ears. Like I rather listen to David  Hasselhoff singing in German.

SO obnoxious Asian Train Ladies…Im gonna keep this short and sweet….THIS IS WHY I HATE U….Cause you don’t SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

Thank you, come again!



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