The Cyber Creep

29 Dec

Mr. I can say what I want and do what I want because I’m protected by my Laptop….THIS IS WHY I HATE U!


You are the guy that “likes” a profile pic from last year, and writes things like “looking good”, or “niceee”. UM…that picture is as old as Jesus, clearly your creeping your way thru my profile at 3am!!

Why do you do this? My own boyfriend doesn’t do shit like that. But sure enough he now makes comments to me every time he see’s YOU do shit like that.

And let me ask you something Cyber Creep, how come anytime someone makes a comment involving a group of girls you write things like “pillow fight?” or “take pictures” or the absolute grossest..”Mmmmm, wish I could be there”?????


You make me and all my friends and anyone who reads this shit itchy! Your like the uncle who when we were growing up, we were never allowed to sit on his lap. You’re the guy undressing people with your eyes on the subway, you’re the guy the neighbors wonder about, you are CYBER CREEP!

Also, do you get laid? Like ever?

If by the meer mention of Victoria Secrets you immediately start making dirty comments about panties and lesbians, I’m gonna go ahead and say your sex like is null and void! And don’t give me “it’s just a mans mind” – BULLSHIT, you are pathetic!! Do me and everyone else a favor, JERKOFF…like alot! If your walking around getting a hard-on over the word BRA, you have serious fucking issues and are a menace to society!

I have a suggestion, MAIL ORDER BRIDE!!!

Thank you, and fuck you!

Happy New Year!

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