FB Sharing is for DICKHEADS!

7 Dec

When you get married people say things like “starting your life together”, “two hearts become one”, barf barf barf…

I don’t ever remember anyone saying at any of the numerous weddings I have been to “two identities become one, now share your FB page”


You are obnoxious and pathetic. What is the point of sharing a FB page? You mean to tell me that you and your husband have the exact same friends, none different? You mean to tell me, that both of you have good and bad days in unison? Both of you have the same exact thoughts and like to comment on the same pictures and make the same status updates? COME ON NOW!!!

Get a fucking clue, and get a fucking life…OF UR OWN!!!

First off, you confuse everyone ur friends with. We never know which one of you we are talking to. That’s not cool to do to people. What if I say something thinking its my female friend, and I really say it to her husband, and he gets pissed, excited, embarrassed, WHO KNOWS…the possibilty of awkward moments and confusion are endless.

AND…its rude, its like talking to someone on speaker with other people in the room and or car, but not letting them know. Have some common courtesy

Ya know what else is annoying. Seeing this: Michael-Jennifer Smith

WTF is that!!

Just get your own. You two are that couple that everyone finds corny do you know that? Do you think people think its adorable how you share a home, a bed, a life and a Facebook account? Cause if so…I suggest lifting your right arm, making a fist and punching urself in the face.


And while I’m at it, can you stop using your shared social media outlet to only post pictures of your offspring…I mean I guess its appropriate since you both DO share that…but its annoying and it makes me loathe you even more.

Keep this shit up and ur getting DEFRIENDED!!!

And this Mr and Mrs Couple of the year we share everything and have no sense of individuality…IS WHY I HATE U!

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