Pajama pants and the men who wear them in public…this is why I hate u

28 Aug

Why, why, why???!!!!!!

WTF are grown men thinking when they make the conscious decision to put pajama pants on and walk out their front door in public?? This phenomenon boggles my mind and I have seen it increase at an alarming rate.

There is a commonality amongst these men – a large belly, usually semi-covered by a food stained, yellow arm pitted t-shirt, a cough that sounds like a mix between 2 packs of marb reds and a bout with tuberculosis and the smell of stale weed permeating from their person. I am pretty sure most are unemployed or seasonal workers, living in a basement of their mother’s home who clearly have no pride in themselves.

Here is a tip – try dressing in real clothes and maybe you would feel a little better about things, get some swagger if you will. In the meantime, please tuck your swinging balls that I can see through your open fly because you’re wearing PAJAMA PANTS IN PUBLIC and keep moving… Your stench is disrupting my meal.
X0X0, Jane Russell

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